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Re-defining the Economy

No federal party can know the economic aspirations and community potential better than local residents. Proposals for economic development will be generated prior to elections by each candidate. Our commitments to each riding will be published as part of the federal NDP platform.

All new infrastructure projects launched with the aid of taxpayer money will be owned by taxpayers. Percentage of shares allocated for public ownership will be negotiated by government. Shares in new projects will be distributed equally to all Canadian citizens.

Voluntary civic participation is for the rich and for those who can allocate time and energy to this essential activity. The NDP needs to develop a model for monetizing civic participation. The party should create a Civic Participation Bank.

Rather than protect industries (softwood lumber, dairy) we should encourage the growth of the economy as a whole. The best way to do that without yet entering into questionable trade agreements is by encouraging immigration from countries including from our neighbours to the south.