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Bio in very brief

David Berlin is 66 years old. He has three children and one amazing grand-daughter (you should see her). He is a graduate of The University of Chicago, has taught in various institutions, was CEO of an engineering firm, editor of the Literary Review of Canada, co-founder of The Walrus Magazine. He has published and edited several books including “ What’s Left: The New Democratic Party in Renewal (2001)” and over a hundred essays and articles.

Enraged by former PM Harper’s transgressions and wishing to incubate and test several strategies, David founded the short-lived “Bridge Party of Canada”. Inspired by Naomi Klein’s NO LOGO, the Bridge Party developed a signage campaign with no branding (see our Facebook Page, link below). Together with Vancouver based, the Bridge Party experimented with a variety of collective decision-making platforms. The Bridge Party developed a relation with The Resonance Centre, Peterborough ON, an organization which has integrated facilitation and democracy talks.

As a very young man, David worked for the David Lewis campaign in York South. Together with several pre-teens David Berlin distributed  elections signs. Unbeknownst to Mr Lewis, David and his co-workers sometimes helped topple the opposition’s always toppling signage.

In the federal election 2000, David ran as an NDP candidate in the riding of Toronto Centre, Rosedale. He was beaten by then acting PM Bill Graham in a battle which was not particularly close but was entirely unfair. David lives in Toronto with his wife Deborah; a violinist, writer and fantastic cook.